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Frequently Asked Question!

SammyGoldShop, we always do our best for customer satisfaction. We deliver to our customers who receive any service from us within a few minutes. With our industry experience of more than 5 years, we always offer the best price guarantee. We conduct a secure trade with our transaction volume exceeding 1 million dollars.
  • BTC/ETH and other Cryptos.
  • Coinbase
  • Localbitcoins

In most cases, we do not verify ID. As long as there is no suspicious transaction, you can shop securely without authentication.

We have improved our working conditions for many years we serve. In this process, we have perfected the conditions for the safety of the people we trade with.

GOLD delivery is made within a maximum of 10 minutes after payment confirmation.

When you ordered gold, you’re going to live chat. Then you will share with us your order ID, we check it and deliver it.

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